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Our Mission

Calceus was born out of the idea that footwear should not be limited to just quality, style, or affordability. We believe that as footwear manufacturers, we can redefine the way you invest in the shoes you wear daily. Whether it be casual shoes, safety boots, or rain boots, we have created a wide range of footwear made available to you at unbelievably low prices. Our mission since day one has been to take the necessary steps to give you comfort, quality, and style at prices you never thought were possible.

Our Promise of Quality

Before Calceus, the footwear industry forces you to pick between quality or affordability. We have partnered with suppliers who are one with our mission. They offered their quality raw materials at low prices that allowed us to craft the best pair of shoes you will ever own. Believe us when we say that we go above and beyond to give you premium quality footwear at prices that will make you question their integrity.

For The Love of Shoes

The pair of shoes you choose to wear in the morning will define how you will feel throughout the day. We are dedicated to help you feel confident and amazingly comfortable by designing footwear that will go out of its way to match your lifestyle (plus will be dependable when things get unexpected). Whether you are an active outdoor person who loves to traverse unbeaten trails or a hardworking employee sitting, standing and walking at the office for hours , we have a pair of quality Calceus shoes that will make every step as meaningful as possible.

We've been stepping it up for years

Since day one from our Hong Kong headquarters to years of selling to more than 100,000 customers in the US. Calceus has been dedicated to stepping up and rising above the competition for you. We are here because we know you’re looking for a dependable shoe manufacturer that will give you all that you want and then more. Expect the unexpected because for 4 years Calceus has masterfully crafted hundreds of thousands of shoes that have changed the way people look at the shoe industry.

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