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Product Features

  • Type: Foot care
  • Securely buddy splint toes and fingers
  • Soft, nylon fabric with fastener tab
  • Slim, reusable and washable

    A great alternative to taping, the toe wraps allows hammertoes, broken and injured toes to be easily splinted


    Constructed with soft nylon material to reduce friction and irritation


    Reusable and washable, the set includes four toe wraps for use on any digit


    Lined with soft foam, the toe wraps cushion and protect injured and broken toes


    Worn with or without socks, the slim design easily fits in any shoe size or style


    Safely store and carry the toe wraps in the included drawstring storage pouch


  • Are the toe wraps small enough to work for children?

    Yes, the toe wraps are small enough to work for older children. The toe wrap is approximately an inch in width to provide cushioned support for medium to long toe lengths.

  • How do I wash my toe wraps?

    Hand washable, the toe wraps should be cleaned in cool water with a mild detergent. Air dry completely before use.

  • Will this work for a big toe?

    The toe wraps are designed to splint any of the last four toes. For immobilizing or straightening the big toe, consider the bunion splint.

  • Will the toe wraps help my overlapping toes?

    Yes! The toe wraps gently separate overlapping toes and promotes proper alignment to reduce friction and discomfort.

  • Does this work in place of taping broken toes?

    Yes! The Sole toe wraps provide a convenient alternative to buddy taping.

  • Can I use the toe wraps to buddy splint my injured fingers?

    Yes, the toe wraps can be used to splint fingers as well as toes.

  • Do the toe wraps contain latex?

    Yes, the toe wraps are cushioned by a latex-based foam lining.

  • Will this straighten my hammertoe?

    Yes, the toe wraps provide relief for hammertoes, gently supporting proper toe position.

  • What are the toes wraps made of?

    The toe wraps are made with soft, nylon fabric lined with a latex-based foam and fastener material.

  • Can I wear these wraps while walking or running?

    Yes! The toe wraps are slim, made with a non-slip fabric to comfortably wear during any activity for cushioning toe support.

  • How long each day should I wear the toe wraps?

    The toe wraps are designed to be comfortably worn for up to 10 hours each day.

  • Will the toe wraps fit in my regular shoes?

    Yes! The toe wraps are slim, easily fitting beneath socks and hosiery and in any shoe size and style.


  • Uses:

    For splinting broken or injured toes

  • Dimensions:

    Overall length: 4.72”


  • Materials:

    Soft, nylon fabric

    Latex foam lining

  • How To Wear:

    Insert misaligned digit into the toe wrap loop

    Wrap the toe strap around the neighboring digit and secure the white fastening strip

    Do not wear the toe wrap for more than 10 hours at a time

  • Care Instructions:

    Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent

    Air dry completely before use

  • What’s Included:

    Toe Wraps- Set of four

Highest Quality. Honest Prices.

Our footwear is handcrafted alongside similar products from other brands that charge customers in the $300-600 price range. We make zero compromises in terms of quality materials, manufacturing, or business ethics (fair labor and sustainability). We simply believe that offering customers a great value is the foundation to long-term business success and is the honorable thing to do.

Why Calceus?

Our mission is to help every person find the best shoes for their journey through easy, accessible, expert-guided shopping.
In 2013, we founded the first online shoe shopping destination. Over the past years, we’ve served millions of shoe-adoring customers of all shapes, sizes, and tastes. We are obsessed with helping our customers find that perfect pair. And each day we are one step closer to delivering smarter, personalized shoe-shopping, at great value.
Where other brands choose to cut corners, we invest. We select the best materials available for our footwear. From leather to laces, our products are thoughtfully designed and meticulously tested. The result: footwear that is as functional as it is fashionable.
We started Calceus to offer an alternative: ridiculously high quality footwear at honest prices that could handle our busy lives.


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